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Publication costs

Dear authors,

The costs to have your manuscript published in RLAE include the processing fee and the translation with a view to publication in three languages. However in this moment the processing fee isn´t mandatory for foreign authors.

Revision and translation costs

Authors should be responsible for the costs of grammatical revision of the article in their language of submission and of translations for the other publication languages indicated by the journal, according to the following guidelines:

Grammar review (Proofreading)

The grammar review is requested from the authors before the final approval of the article and must be carried out by a company accredited by the Journal. The cost of the review is the responsibility of the authors. It is mandatory to send, along with the revised text, the certification issued by the accredited company. This certificate must be attached to the ScholarOne system, in a specific field (Proofreading certificate).

It is mandatory to check the text, made by the authors, before sending the revised version to the Journal. If there are inadequacies, only one opportunity for correction will be allowed.


Translations are requested from the authors after the final approval of the scientific text, which must be translated into two more languages, different from that of the submission. To guarantee the quality of the translations, only those accompanied by the translation certificate (s) issued by one of the companies accredited by RLAE will be accepted.
Authors are required to carefully check the versions of their article before forwarding them to RLAE for publication, specifying in a statement that they made such a conference and found no differences between them (including missing words, absence of paragraphs, mixed languages) in translations, among others).